I welcome you to the website of the Yoruba Community Association of Saskatoon (YCAS).  We are a group of Yorubas living in Saskatoon and neighbouring towns and villages. This Association brings together all Yorubas by birth and those who become affiliated with the Yorubas by marriage for the common goal of promoting Yoruba language, heritage and culture in Saskatoon. The Yorubas are descendants of Oduduwa who live in the western part of Nigeria. The language of the people is also called Yoruba. The language is spoken predominantly in the western part of Nigeria and in the southern part of the Republic of Benin. The language is also spoken by many people in other Western African countries and in South America.

Yoruba has a very rich heritage and culture and our goal is to preserve the rich Yoruba heritage and culture for our children in Canada and also project the beauty of the Yoruba custom and tradition to Saskatoon residents, and throughout the entire province of Saskatchewan. In our effort to ensure that our children do not lose touch with their mother language, the Saskatoon, Yoruba Language and Heritage School was established by Saskatoon Yoruba community leaders with the active support of our provincial government.  I encourage you to explore our website to know about Yoruba culture, heritage, language, cuisine, costumes, etc. There are Yoruba entrepreneurs in Saskatoon marketing raw or prepared Yoruba foods, or providing services like barbering, hairdressing, MCee, face make-up, daycare, mortgage, real estate construction and sales, financial services, decorations etc. Please check them up on this website and ensure to patronize them.

I would like to thank every registered member of YCAS for all their contributions to this Association. The sacrifices of our team of volunteers led by the council of leaders and board of directors are greatly appreciated.  If you have affiliation with the Yoruba race, either by birth or by marriage, I encourage you to join us and be an active part of our social and community engagements. Let us join hands to support each other’s aspirations and goals. Kárìn ká pò yíye ló ón ye ni, àjejì owó kan kò gbérù dórí.

President Photo_YCAS

Professor Akindele Odeshi

President, YCAS

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