History of Yoruba Community Association of Saskatoon (YCAS)


Yoruba Community Association of Saskatoon is a registered and incorporated non-profit organization formed to promote the Yoruba Heritage, Culture and Language in Saskatoon in particular, and Canada in general. Another primary goal of this association is to forge unity among the Yorubas living in Saskatoon.

Yoruba people live predominantly in the western part of Nigeria. The history of the Yoruba People originated in the oldest town of Ile-Ife which was founded by Oduduwa, the father of the Yoruba race. Yoruba people believe that civilization began at Ile-Ife and that the day breaks first at Ile-Ife, the source of the human race. There are over 40 million Yorubas all over the world, most of whom live in western Nigeria. There are Yorubas in the Republic of Benin, other West African countries as well as in South America.

Prior to the formation of this umbrella Association for the Yorubas living in Saskatoon, the first set of Yoruba community leaders who first settled in the city established Yoruba Language School to teach our children Yoruba Language and Culture. They include Mr. Bayo Bakare, Dr. Dele Akinbolue, Dr. Akinlolu Peluola, Dr. Jide Adelugba, Engr. Isaac Akinfiresoye, Mrs. Arinade Olaniyi and Mr. Ade Akintunde among others. Some of these leaders have since relocated to other cities in Canada. The Yoruba Language School was later promoted to become a language and heritage school by the provincial government.

On December 16, 2017, a new set of Yoruba community leaders met in the house of Mr. Yaya Oseni to deliberate on the need to have a vibrant Yoruba Community Association in Saskatoon to provide support for the Yoruba Language and Heritage School and forge unity among the Yorubas in Saskatoon. These leaders are Venerable Segun Adebogun, Alhaji Najeem Adekunle, Dr. Abayomi Olaniyi, Kabiyesi Moses Onidare, Mr. Segun Akintunde, Dr. Olalekan Oyefuga, Mr. Yaya Oseni, Alhaja Lara Adekunle, Mrs. Bunmi Otuyelu and Prof. Akindele Odeshi. These leaders resolved to form an umbrella Association for all the Yorubas in Saskatoon and named the new Association: Yoruba Community Association of Saskatoon (YCAS). More leaders joined this small group at a subsequent meeting at the end of 2017. To facilitate the registration of YCAS with the government, interim leaders were appointed as follows pending ratification by a general meeting of all Yorubas in Saskatoon:

Interim President

Prof. Akindele Odeshi

Interim Vice president

Alhaja Omolara Adekunle

Interim Secretary

Mr. Yaya Oseni

Interim Treasurer

Mrs. Olubunmi Otuyelu

Interim PRO

Mr. Wale Ogunyemi

Member Board of Directors

Dr. Abayomi Olaniyi

Member Board of Directors​

Ven. Olusegun Adebogun

Member Board of Directors​

Mr. Adesegun Akintunde

The Inaugural meeting of the Association was held on March 31, 2018, where the interim executive council and board of directors members were confirmed. The leadership Council was subsequently expanded to include the leaders of thought within the Yoruba Community to provide support for the realization of the Association’s visions and goals. The Association celebrated its first annual party on December 8, 2018. Subsequently, Yoruba Days were celebrated on November 30, 2019, and December 10, 2022.

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